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sense or no sense?
Fri Jun 23, 2017 18:05

"Hauptmann remained in plain sight for 2-1/2 years,"

It would have been much more problematic for Hauptmann to call attention to himself by suddenly leaving his usual residence, contacts, work, etc. and thus focussing attention on his absence. Instead, that summer - 1932 - he sent his wife to Germany for 4 months. Unemployed and no longer even seeking work, unable to meet modest margin calls, he sends Anna on a voyage of an expensive steamship and buys custom-made suits, expensive binoculars and silverware, and a new canoe.... the Depression? What Depression?

Anybody seen Hauppie lately? "Oh, he suddenly disappeared with (without?) his wife, etc."

He had learned his lessons well on the illegal boat he came over on in 1923 (his 3rd try) - he simply mingled (in the open) with all the passengers until he got off the ship.

And when he passed those (Lindy) bills, he didn't even bother to wear a disguise.

  • why it makes sense to mebob mills for joe, Sun Jun 18 11:06
    Joe, for me the clincher is that Hauptmann remained in plain sight for 2-1/2 years, never leaving town or disguising himself, never showing the least concern about being arrested, while every cop in... more
    • sense or no sense? — Anonymous, Fri Jun 23 18:05
      • Re: sense or no sense?Joe, Sat Jun 24 07:04
        The fact is he was looking to return to Germany where he probably would have believed the kidnapping would be behind him. Sounds like a bit of a pattern in the making if you ask me, based on his... more
    • Re: why it makes sense to meJoe for Bob, Tue Jun 20 12:45
      Bob, How would Hauptmann have even known that Condon owned a house on City Island? The fact that they both frequented the same location shouldn't be surprising considering they both lived in the... more
      • Hauptmanns insouciant ramblingsbob mills for joe and forum, Thu Jun 22 05:30
        Joe, I can't cite the exact source, but one book cited Hauptmann as being a frequent canoer (canoeist?) off City Island in the summer. Condon had a place near by, so it's highly likely that their... more
      • JFC-BRHRichard E Sloan, Wed Jun 21 09:28
        I think Condon's connection with City Island was publicized in the papers -- after JFC's role was revealed.I think the photo of him in a rowboat off City Island was taken and published at that time,... more
    • JFC on City IslandRichard, Mon Jun 19 09:35
      JFC became high profile after the ransom was paid, but was it also common knowledge that he was active on City Island? Must I have read that anywhere? If so, where would that have been?
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