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Sue for Joe Cz
Woodlawn Might Have Been a Footnote
Sat Jun 24, 2017 16:35

Nothing about Robert Riehl was staged or contrived.

Riehl didn't get a "heads up" as to WHO or WHAT he would encounter on the night of March 12, 1932.

This was really an unstaged "Reality TV" moment for Mr. Riehl.

That whole scene with Condon and WHO Condon claims he saw and WHAT Condon saw....

My money would be on Robert Riehl if I was betting on who was giving me the truth.

Riehl had NO vested interest in lying. He was on duty, doing his job. (He probably should have gotten a bonus in his weekly Woodlawn Cemetery check for the stress and hassle that he experienced for the BS at the fence.)

From what has been written, no one could have predicted what possibly might have occurred in that area of the Bronx that night. True?

It was really a Reality TV moment, unless you believe the police were close by ready to apprehend the ransom negotiator.

Condon could have tripped as he was crossing Jerome Avenue. And what if Condon felt pissed waiting at the gate of Woodlawn, and just left and gone home? Condon could by all rights have felt "stood up" at the gate when no one showed up at first. And what if the note at the Hot Dog stand was taken or blown away? Condon wouldn't have even known to meet "John" across the street.

Condon, among others, was counting on things to go according to plan.

And, for the most part, things DID go according to plan.

But what if events largely DIDN'T go according to plan?

Woodlawn Cemetery might have just been a footnote in the story of the Lindbergh case.

  • Woodlawn Watchman, Robert RiehlSue, Tue Jun 13 20:05
    October 14, 1934 -- The Sedalia Democrat, The Courier Journal from Louisville, Kentucky, and the Joplin Globe published quotes from Woodlawn Cemetery guard, Robert Riehl. Riehl seems to swear that... more
    • Woodlawn Might Have Been a Footnote — Sue for Joe Cz, Sat Jun 24 16:35
      • Re: Woodlawn Might Have Been a FootnoteJoe for Sue, Tue Jun 27 07:02
        Sue, I believe Riehl was telling the truth, at least to the best of his observation and recollection, as was Condon. They just saw two different things happening simultaneously, because CJ was not... more
        • Re: Woodlawn Might Have Been a FootnoteSue for Joe, Tue Jun 27 12:15
          Yes. I see what you are saying about Riehl vs. Condon, Joe. Joe, would you please tell me what you think of Robert Stickney's account of his encounter at Woodlawn Cemetery? It will take some time,... more
    • makes sensebob mills for sue and forum, Thu Jun 15 04:18
      It all adds up for me. Fisch, and not Hauptmann, was Cemetery John, at least at St. Raymond's Cemetery. Thanks, Sue. Consider the "Fisch story." Hauptmann said he and Fisch sere partners in a fur... more
      • Re: makes sensesteve for bob, Mon Jun 19 12:25
        i never believed the fisch story and the police didn't either. they never found any hard evidence of fisch being involved with anything. he died poor in Germany in fact the jewish group he belonged... more
        • FIschRichard E Sloan, Tue Jun 20 09:55
          Once they had Bruno in custody, they no longer looked for anyone else!They didnt find evidence bec. they were not interested in looking for it.
          • Re: FIschsteve for rich, Wed Jun 21 10:51
            I think they were very interested but nothing ever surfaced
            • Re: FIschJoe for Steve, Wed Jun 21 11:51
              Steve, I believe investigators continued to follow up leads, but that it depended on what their agenda was. Once Hauptmann convinced them he wasn't talking, all bets were off on finding accomplices.. ... more
      • what the judge saidRichard, Mon Jun 19 09:46
        Sorry to go off message here, but the thought occ'd to me afte reading Bob Mills' last, in which he referenced Judge Trenchard. Did the members of the press who heard him with their own ears comment... more
      • Re: makes senseSue for Bob, Sat Jun 17 12:09
        Isidor Fisch as Cemetery John seems to ring true for a lot of people!
        • Re: makes senseJoe for Sue and All, Sun Jun 18 06:23
          I've never been able to reconcile Fisch as CJ. He's not even close to the description provided by Condon right after his meeting at Woodlawn. Because he had a cough, people think it could have been... more
          • Re: makes senseSue for Joe, Sun Jun 18 11:59
            Darkness was a huge factor that was working against Riehl and Condon in describing what they witnessed. But more than that, I believe that the scene at Woodlawn Cemetery was more dynamic and humming... more
          • why it makes sense to mebob mills for joe, Sun Jun 18 11:06
            Joe, for me the clincher is that Hauptmann remained in plain sight for 2-1/2 years, never leaving town or disguising himself, never showing the least concern about being arrested, while every cop in... more
            • sense or no sense?Anonymous, Fri Jun 23 18:05
              "Hauptmann remained in plain sight for 2-1/2 years," It would have been much more problematic for Hauptmann to call attention to himself by suddenly leaving his usual residence, contacts, work, etc.... more
              • Re: sense or no sense?Joe, Sat Jun 24 07:04
                The fact is he was looking to return to Germany where he probably would have believed the kidnapping would be behind him. Sounds like a bit of a pattern in the making if you ask me, based on his... more
            • Re: why it makes sense to meJoe for Bob, Tue Jun 20 12:45
              Bob, How would Hauptmann have even known that Condon owned a house on City Island? The fact that they both frequented the same location shouldn't be surprising considering they both lived in the... more
              • Hauptmanns insouciant ramblingsbob mills for joe and forum, Thu Jun 22 05:30
                Joe, I can't cite the exact source, but one book cited Hauptmann as being a frequent canoer (canoeist?) off City Island in the summer. Condon had a place near by, so it's highly likely that their... more
              • JFC-BRHRichard E Sloan, Wed Jun 21 09:28
                I think Condon's connection with City Island was publicized in the papers -- after JFC's role was revealed.I think the photo of him in a rowboat off City Island was taken and published at that time,... more
            • JFC on City IslandRichard, Mon Jun 19 09:35
              JFC became high profile after the ransom was paid, but was it also common knowledge that he was active on City Island? Must I have read that anywhere? If so, where would that have been?
          • who's who conundrumRichard E Sloan, Sun Jun 18 09:46
            Now you're talking, Joe! What you say makes a lot of sense and could solve the "conundrum."Let me throw this into the mix, however. There appears there may have been two lookouts -- one at the... more
            • Re: who's who conundrumJoe for Richard, Tue Jun 20 08:19
              Richard, regarding the two very different accounts put forth by Condon and Riehl, I believe it all comes down to their individual lines of sight. From where Riehl was approaching, inside the... more
    • Re: Woodlawn Watchman, Robert RiehlJoe for Sue Again, Wed Jun 14 13:22
      Sue, I'm very interested in those published quotes from Robert Riehl. Can you post the pages from the Sedalia Democrat? Thanks!
      • Riehl QuotesSue for Joe, Wed Jun 14 19:54
        Joplin Globe, see page 4: The Courier-Journal from Louisville Kentucky, see page 15: The... more
    • Re: Woodlawn Watchman, Robert RiehlJoe for Sue and All, Wed Jun 14 07:54
      Thanks Sue, this is great! I've never seen a picture of Riehl before and I don't believe he testified at Flemington either as his testimony would have only muddied the waters of the prosecution's... more
      • All Eyewitnesses at Woodlawn & St. Raymond'sSue for Joe, Thu Jun 15 02:44
        Thanks, Joe, for all the rich detail! Would you do me a favor? Can you give me a list of all the eyewitnesses to the Woodlawn Cemetery and St. Raymond's Cemetery ransom dealings? --- Everyone you can ... more
      • Riehl photosSam for Joe, Wed Jun 14 09:44
        Here are a few photos of Riehl that I have collected.
        • Re: Riehl photosJoe for Sam, Wed Jun 14 13:19
          Those are great, thanks Sam! I hope you don't mind if I share them with others. BTW, that "Dogs" thread of a while back. I guessed who the dogs were. Did I win the prize?
          • PhotosSam for Joe, Thu Jun 15 12:52
            Feel free to use anything I post, Joe. In terms of the dogs, I wish I knew.
      • Sue once againRichard, Wed Jun 14 09:41
        Sue, you are always amazing.
        • Re: Sue once againSue for Richard, Wed Jun 14 20:17
          You are amazing, too, Richard! I'm glad I recently got to see Woodlawn Cemetery again, even if it was a brief visit! Thanks again! March 12, 1932 at Woodlawn Cemetery and April 2, 1932 at St.... more
    • Sue Re: woodlawn watchman, robert riehltanialee, Wed Jun 14 00:04
      I've always thought that Cemetery John was Isador Fisch because of the cough, bet Mr. Riehl was right on. :)
      • Re: Sue Re: woodlawn watchman, robert riehlSue for Tanialee, Wed Jun 14 23:40
        Yes, Tanialee. Sometime around December 2005, Rick posted the "Top 10 Reasons Why Isidor Fisch is Cemetery John." It was reposted on Rita Witt's board some time, I think, in 2006. But it does not... more
        • Fisch as CJJack for Sue, Thu Jun 15 03:12
          I know Rick's ten reasons and if you'd like I can post them.
          • ReihlRichard E Sloan, Thu Jun 15 10:04
            Thnax to the tip on his forum, I made an offer for the Reihl photo on eBay and got it. I was surprised it was even still available!
          • Re: Fisch as CJSue for Jack, Thu Jun 15 03:16
            That would be great if you would, Jack!
            • Ten Reasons Why Fisch is CJJack for Sue & Forum, Thu Jun 15 23:36
              by Rick62 3/28/2006 Reposted from Jan 2006 Rita's "olde board" 1) Condon describes Fisch's stature to a "T": hacking cough, floppy ears, 5'6" - 130 Lbs. (When he isn't describing Paul Wendel or John... more
            • Etc.Jack, Thu Jun 15 17:16
              Not Jack French, Richard. Rick's info. will be a bit.
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