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The Whole Place Was Staked Out at Woodlawn Cemetery?
Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:43

Robert Stickney was interviewed by writing students at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania:

"John Dooley, Al Gunther, Bob Oppenheimer, and myself were in John's father's car. We lived in Mt. Vernon, New York, all of us--that's where we went to high school--and we went down to New York City. We were looking for girls, I'll be truthful...we saw a light down there [in the Bronx] with some stores and stuff; there was an ice cream parlor there, so we thought maybe there'd be some girls down there, so we turned down and just as you get near the the West end of Woodlawn Cemetery...and just as we passed the entrance, we were on the other side of the street. It was a wide street there, two unmarked police cars with eight big husky detectives that oughta be on the Cleveland Brown's backfield or something with the Steelers. One car cut us off, honest to goodness to the curb, the other one pulled up along side us. Two of them stayed at the wheel driving and the other six jumped out; four of them pulled the doors [of our] car open. Each one grabbed one of us and pulled us out, threw us against the car like you see in the old movies, no Rights or anything. They put your hands up and frisk ya. They yelled,'Where are you guys going, where the hell are you guys going, what are you doing here?' We didn't know what was going on, so the next night, my buddy called me on the phone and told me John F. Condon, who was, I believe, a high school principal or something or a teacher, was the go-between and the disinterested party in passing the money through that wrought-iron gate there at the cemetery...So the whole place was staked out. When they saw four guys in the car--we were only cruising around--they pulled us over. Incidentally, I was about a year older, older of the other three. When we got into situations like that, I did the talking. I had learned years ago that if you tell the truth and you've done nothing wrong, you'll not be in any trouble. That may not go today, but it did then, so I explained to them [detectives], 'You want the truth, we were looking for some girls, we saw these lights down here at the ice cream parlor and we thought maybe there'll be some girls down here.' So they said, 'Get the hell out of here.' I'll tell ya, we were really shaking, about ten or fifteen minutes later, we were really scared."

Just Reminiscing

Volume I, Number 1

Fall, 1978

(Special thanks to Chris Fabian of the Genealogy & Periodicals Staff at the New Castle Public Library in New Castle, Pennsylvania.)

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