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Ronelle to Richard and Forum
Robert Bryan book also in German
Thu Jun 29, 2017 01:22

I have forgotten to post this info concerning another German book - a paperback edition published in 2014:

Bruno Richard Hauptmann Und Die Entfuhrung Des Lindbergh-Babys

It contains a contribution from Robert R Bryan - Anna Hauptmann's lawyer -
Der Kampf um Die Wahrheit (The fight for the truth)

I bought it on Amazon a long time ago and never tried to translate it (I use Google Translate and it is unreliable and time consuming)

  • translating Schrock's bookRichard E Sloan, Mon Jun 26 13:47
    After all this time, I cant understand why none of us have been able to find and get someone who can read and translate GErman who would, gratis, translate the book into English, even with just a... more
    • Robert Bryan book also in German — Ronelle to Richard and Forum, Thu Jun 29 01:22
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