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Ronelle to Forum
The LKH Search Box
Thu Jun 29, 2017 01:32

Some of you may have forgotten, or possibly never knew - I have a Search Box on my website that enables you to search the hundreds of pages and hundreds of files up there since 1998 for anything you want to look for within the site.
I have been using it myself lately because I am trying to renovate the website and have forgotten what "stuff" is up there. Much more to come - I have plenty of gigabytes left to use.........

  • Greg Ahlgren on United Public RadioRonelle, Thu Jun 29 00:46
    You will have to forward the conversation after the first hour in order to hear Ahlgren because they don't interview him until then.... more
    • Re: Greg Ahlgren on United Public Radiosteve for ronelle, Fri Jun 30 10:52
      I have a debate interview on the radio with him and jim fisher did you give that to me?
      • no, I don't rememberRonelle to Steve, Sat Jul 1 03:41
        I don't think I ever heard that.......sounds great! Can you make me a copy? Is it on cassette tape?
    • The LKH Search Box — Ronelle to Forum, Thu Jun 29 01:32
      • just remember.........Ronelle, Thu Jun 29 01:34 choose the box that says Search Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax and NOT the box that says Search WWW
    • Our 20th Anniversary! Coming up soon!Ronelle to Forum, Thu Jun 29 00:55
      Yes, everybody! It's gonna be 20 years! I created my website and Forum in 1998....can you believe it? Where did all that time go? I would appreciate any ideas you might have for some sort of... more
      • Re: Our 20th Anniversary! Coming up soon!steve for ronelle, Fri Jun 30 11:23
        great idea and in the past 20 years im amazed at the stuff sue Campbell dug up for us and for many authors and still surprises us with great finds. shes the best researcher on this case in my eyes... more
        • Thank you to everyone here for the wonderful compliments! I appreciate that you appreciate me!
        • SueRichard E Sloan, Sun Jul 2 09:48
          I agree. Sue should get an award for not only coming up with so many things, but for sharing them with us. So when is SHE going to write the definitive book. I'd like to know her take on CAL's or... more
        • Re: Our 20th Anniversary! Coming up soon!Joe for Steve, Sat Jul 1 08:33
          Hey Steve, I agree Sue always comes up with such great stuff. She finds so many pieces of information that help us to relive the case as if we were actually there!
        • absolutely! (nm)Ronelle to Steve, Sat Jul 1 03:43
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