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Ronelle to Forum
Keraga Report ......
Sat Jul 8, 2017 01:40
2601:586:8004:2890:5947:b18c:3cff:4a up on my website in pdf format - 35 pp

I didn't realize I never uploaded this from almost a decade ago! It's a detailed report - maybe you have already discussed this here......

    • Contemporary neighborhood watchdog volunteer, George Zimmerman comes to mind. Similarly, were any members of the Hopewell Pursuing and Detecting Society on duty the night of March 1 in Hopewell?... more
    • Hauptmann's houseRichard Sloan, Sun Jul 9 09:56
      I neglected to report on a recent (May) look at the outside of Bruno's house. It is in sad shape. The entire roof needs to be replaced. The siding is a mess, and one upper window is broken and has a... more
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