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Richard Sloan
Hauptmann's house
Sun Jul 9, 2017 09:56

I neglected to report on a recent (May) look at the outside of Bruno's house. It is in sad shape. The entire roof needs to be replaced. The siding is a mess, and one upper window is broken and has a six-inch hole in it.
Just prior to my visit, I was able to determine the exact location of the garage. This was made possible by matching an old aerial photo to a Google earth satelite picture I positioned, and an old wire service photo I recently found online that I had never seen before. Those with me concurred. (Ronelle, Nancy Attardo, Sue Campbell, Robert Zorn, Sam Bornstein, John Howard, and Steve Romeo.) I took a photo of them all standing shoulder to shoulder in the forward half of the exact footprint of the garage. (The rear half is behind a fence, as I recall). If I am able to, I will print it up with the ghostly image of the garage with its doors open (and a man kneeling inside --
probably a police man)superimposed upon the group photo.

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    • Hauptmann's house — Richard Sloan, Sun Jul 9 09:56
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