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Tue Jul 11, 2017 14:47

Hello to Ronelle, Steve, Sue and everyone else. I see you're all still discussing the case. My comment is: Hauptmann was innocent.

    • Re: Histeve for carol, Wed Jul 12 09:37
      hi carol welcome back I disagree with you
      • HiCarol, Wed Jul 12 11:32
        I'm not really back, Steve, I just stopped by to say hello. I'll leave the investigating to you and everyone else here. I know you disagree with me.
        • Re: Histeve for carol, Fri Jul 14 10:08
          I don't debate the case much anymore to much nonsense flying around
          • HiCarol, Fri Jul 14 14:13
            I haven't read all the posts, but I can see nothing much has changed.
          • Re: HiJoe for Steve, Fri Jul 14 10:29
            You got that right, Steve.. between a staged kidnapping, Hauptmann totally innocent, Capone's involvement, etc., etc. There's so much evidence within this case, it's easy to find the exact thread of... more
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