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Sam for Bob
Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:31

Long before they invented the PC, they discovered something else. It's called PROOFREADING.

If you think it's worth our time to read your book or posts, please take the time to PROOFREAD.

Bob, I did not know you were so sensitive. Or immune to attempted humour.

This will be the last time I respond to one of your posts.

This message has been PROOFREAD.

  • errors in the computer agebob mills for sam, Thu Jul 13 14:05
    Sam, I know Ronelle's name. My computer has an annoying habit of correcting my spelling into whatever it if someone at Apple knows my contacts better than I do. Usually I catch the... more
    • PROOFREAD — Sam for Bob, Fri Jul 14 10:31
      • Re: PROOFREADJoe for Sam, Fri Jul 14 18:05
        Sam, your post might not past muster in the USA, (or is it "mustre?") given the fact you've spelt "humour" with a "u".
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