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Guilty Hauptmann
Sat Jul 15, 2017 06:45

BRH was the only one who deserved the chair because in spite of spending a fortune trying to find somebody else who was also guilty, the State never really provided a potential kidnapper much less one they had any evidence against. You're right - Hauptmann is everywhere, from tool marks and nails on the ladder to ransom bills in his pocket. I wonder how much those who still claim his innocence really know about this case. For example, do they know that Hauptmann had a lifelong "writer's tic" which added an extra letter,"e", to the end of words? That anomaly is visible on each of the ransom notes.

There is certainly more evidence against Richard than most cases we read about.

  • Re: Guilty HauptmannJoe, Wed Jul 5 09:18
    If you were to picture this case as a hologram, Hauptmann is virtually everywhere.. the ladder, the ransom notes, the cemeteries, the gold bills, 'retirement' from professional carpentry, etc. That... more
    • Guilty Hauptmann — Jack, Sat Jul 15 06:45
      • hauptmann and the crimebob mills for jack and forum, Sun Jul 16 05:33
        Jack, for me the question isn't, "Is Hauptmann innocent?" but, "What is the level of his guilt?" Every cop on the case, every newspaper, Jafsie Condon, even Lindy himself assumed the kidnapping was a ... more
        • Hauptmann and the crimeJack, Sun Jul 16 13:42
          The ladder puts Hauptmann in the nursery. Do you know how the board from the attic got into the BRH residence basement? He had no idea he was using a board from his house. I agree and he would too... more
          • TLC InvestigationJack, Mon Jul 17 14:43
            They quit investigating the crime because after Hauptmann was convicted, the case was closed. As opposed to Simpson's wife and boyfriend's murders, that case for example is still active although they ... more
            • alibiRichard Sloan, Tue Jul 18 08:33
              I beg to differ with you. A nice looking young man named something like Ehlstrom swore on the stand that he saw Bruno there. The prosecution was unable to impeach his testimony. He was solid as a... more
              • 3/1/32 WittnessesJack, Wed Jul 19 03:44
                You're thinking of Elvert Carlstrom who testified that BRH was at the bakery on March 1 and held his own very well on the witness stand. He did, however, come forward very late with the information - ... more
                • CarlstromRichard, Thu Jul 20 09:24
                  Why on earth would or did Carlstrom lie on the stand?! We all know -- or at least suspect -- that Wilentz "saw to it" that a couple of his witnesses gave favorable testimony. Do you think it's... more
                  • CarlstromJack, Thu Jul 20 13:08
                    He probably didn't lie, but he was more than likely incorrect on his date. Larson who was with him knows they were at that house the evening and night of 3/1/32 because he remembered seeing the paper ... more
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