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3/1/32 Wittnesses
Wed Jul 19, 2017 03:44

You're thinking of Elvert Carlstrom who testified that BRH was at the bakery on March 1 and held his own very well on the witness stand. He did, however, come forward very late with the information - like a week before trial started - and was contradicted by Arthur Larson who said that he and Carlstrom had been working on that Tuesday evening and night in Dunellen NJ and could pinpoint the date by seeing news of the kidnapping the next morning in the papers when he went out to get paint. Carlstrom's testimony was further rebutted by his employer who testified that it was Elvert's job to keep the fire going at that house which they were working on, day and night, meaning he certainly couldn't go too gar away.

  • alibiRichard Sloan, Tue Jul 18 08:33
    I beg to differ with you. A nice looking young man named something like Ehlstrom swore on the stand that he saw Bruno there. The prosecution was unable to impeach his testimony. He was solid as a... more
    • 3/1/32 Wittnesses — Jack, Wed Jul 19 03:44
      • CarlstromRichard, Thu Jul 20 09:24
        Why on earth would or did Carlstrom lie on the stand?! We all know -- or at least suspect -- that Wilentz "saw to it" that a couple of his witnesses gave favorable testimony. Do you think it's... more
        • CarlstromJack, Thu Jul 20 13:08
          He probably didn't lie, but he was more than likely incorrect on his date. Larson who was with him knows they were at that house the evening and night of 3/1/32 because he remembered seeing the paper ... more
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