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Thu Jul 20, 2017 09:24

Why on earth would or did Carlstrom lie on the stand?! We all know -- or at least suspect -- that Wilentz "saw to it" that a couple of his witnesses gave favorable testimony. Do you think it's possible that Reilly did that, too? (Let's not use handwriting experts in this discussion, please!)

  • 3/1/32 WittnessesJack, Wed Jul 19 03:44
    You're thinking of Elvert Carlstrom who testified that BRH was at the bakery on March 1 and held his own very well on the witness stand. He did, however, come forward very late with the information - ... more
    • Carlstrom — Richard, Thu Jul 20 09:24
      • CarlstromJack, Thu Jul 20 13:08
        He probably didn't lie, but he was more than likely incorrect on his date. Larson who was with him knows they were at that house the evening and night of 3/1/32 because he remembered seeing the paper ... more
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