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Richard SLoan
sketch artists
Thu Jul 20, 2017 09:34

THese are great, Sue. I have no ability to get my sketches fr. newspapers onto this forum. My favt. one is Bruno sinking in a body of water, trying to save himself by grabbing onto the kidnap ladder, the only flotsam around, but it isn't helping him.
I assume you know that some of the comic strips in that (later) colored comic book that the local FLemington newpaper produced 15 years ago were not originals, bec. they couldn't be found. So they filled those gaps with their own staff artist's conceptions of what they looked like and read. I found those missing strips a couple of years later (on eBay!) and gave them to them. They wrote an article about how closely they thought their man had come to the missing ones (as well as promoting my bus tours!). Well, I didnt think they really came that close, but it was an interesting project they undertook, regardless, and a worthwhile comic book which is still available today.

  • Sketch Artists in the Lindbergh CaseSue, Wed Jul 19 20:50
    Windsor McCay, Tom Benton, Pietro Lazarri, Paul Frehm, Al Kratzer, and William Sharp are the names of artists who sketched the scenes in the Lindbergh case, including the trial in Flemington in 1935. ... more
    • sketch artists — Richard SLoan, Thu Jul 20 09:34
      • Re: sketch artistsSue for Richard, Thu Jul 20 12:50
        Maybe Ronelle can help you show the newspaper sketches on her site? There were more illustrators in the Lindbergh case than the ones mentioned here. We were looking for Nancy in the Queens Art Museum ... more
        • Brilliant post, Sue!Sam, Thu Jul 20 15:14
          As always, amazing work, Sue. Thank you. Here are a couple of my faves...
          • Thanks, Sam!Sue for Sam, Thu Jul 20 19:07
            Sam, I've never seen these before! Thank you! I wonder who won the card game?!
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