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millard whited
Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:55

A liar whose own family couldn't trust him denies having seen anything suspicious on the day of the kidnapping. Two-and-a-half years later, having been offered a share of the reward money, he suddenly remembers what he couldn't remember mere hours after it happened.

Whited doesn't even deserve to be called "dubious," Michael. He was a charlatan. That Wilentz accepted him as a witness says all we need to know about Wilentz' ethics.

  • Re: Dark CornersMichael, Mon Jul 24 06:44
    What I think is that once the totality of the real circumstances are presented we must take notice. Of course Whited is a dubious witness. Over the years no one but those who believe Hauptmann 100%... more
    • millard whited — bob mills for michael and forum, Mon Jul 24 11:55
      • the caseRichard E Sloan, Tue Jul 25 09:32
        Whether guilty or innocent of kidnapping, murder, or extortion, Wilentz's witnesses included liars, charlatans, and unethical handwriting experts who have to be entirely stricken from OUR record... more
        • Re: the casesteve for rich, Wed Jul 26 12:53
          how can you ever say the handwriting experts were unethical. they wernt witnesses. what about hauptmanns witnesses? talk about jokes
          • "experts"Richard E Sloan, Thu Jul 27 09:32
            handwriting experts are notorious for testifying for whoever pays them. SOme of Reilly's experts were jokes, and PUBLICLY the Osborns were NOT in agreement at first. ANd you do know whose "expertise" ... more
            • Re: "experts"steve for rich, Fri Jul 28 11:24
              your forgetting other 8 or 9 other experts who testified also, and some of the current ones said he wrote them
            • Re: "experts"Joe for Richard, Thu Jul 27 13:09
              Richard, do you actually view the connection between the ransom note writing and Hauptmann's writing as something requiring a QDE to tell you? Those experts at the trial were not the only ones who... more
              • "dem notes"Richard E Sloan, Fri Jul 28 11:44
                Despite the charlatans, I do strongly believe Bruno wrote all the notes (but Im still puzzled over the first one; it doesnt seem to look at all like his writing to me. Could that not also be the... more
        • witnesses to a railroadingbob mills for richard and forum, Tue Jul 25 12:56
          Don't know if Lindy can be blamed for Wilentz' use of Hochmuth and Whited. Schwarzkopf let Lindy run the investigation in the early stages, but by the time of the trial the ball was in Wilentz'... more
          • Lindy on BrunoRichard E Sloan, Wed Jul 26 08:36
            Hi, Bob. Sorry you couldnt make it to our BX reunion back in May. We had a blast. You last stated that Lindy reversed himself on his ID of Bruno. Please tell me to what you are specifically... more
            • lindy's solitary lifebob mills for richard, Wed Jul 26 15:49
              Richard, at the time of the St. Raymond's ransom exchange Lindy said he couldn't identify (Cemetery John's) voice from the distance involved. If you recall, during one of your Bronx tours we visited... more
              • HEY DOKTOR OVER HERE!Richard E Sloan, Thu Jul 27 09:49
                Bob, I think you'll say I'm splittng hairs here, but I don't think I am. When the Grand Jury asked CAL if he could ID that voice he had just testified about, he said he didnt think so, bec. it was so ... more
    • Re: Dark Cornerssteve for mike, Mon Jul 24 10:05
      you know mike when he was questioned by the police about certain things he told stupid alibis that were corny so why the police would believe that crap like the board in the closet and some of his... more
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