bob mills for richard
lindy's solitary life
Wed Jul 26, 2017 15:49

Richard, at the time of the St. Raymond's ransom exchange Lindy said he couldn't identify (Cemetery John's) voice from the distance involved. If you recall, during one of your Bronx tours we visited the site, and clearly Lindy was right that he was too far removed to identify a voice.

Then, of course, he testified that it was Hauptmann's voice. He reversed himself, possibly for the same reasons Jafsie Condon did...that once Hauptmann went on trial as a lone kidnapper, the mob angle was moot.

I'll contact you regarding Oswald.

  • Lindy on BrunoRichard E Sloan, Wed Jul 26 08:36
    Hi, Bob. Sorry you couldnt make it to our BX reunion back in May. We had a blast. You last stated that Lindy reversed himself on his ID of Bruno. Please tell me to what you are specifically... more
    • lindy's solitary life — bob mills for richard, Wed Jul 26 15:49
      • HEY DOKTOR OVER HERE!Richard E Sloan, Thu Jul 27 09:49
        Bob, I think you'll say I'm splittng hairs here, but I don't think I am. When the Grand Jury asked CAL if he could ID that voice he had just testified about, he said he didnt think so, bec. it was so ... more
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