Richard E Sloan
Thu Jul 27, 2017 09:32

handwriting experts are notorious for testifying for whoever pays them. SOme of Reilly's experts were jokes, and PUBLICLY the Osborns were NOT in agreement at first. ANd you do know whose "expertise" was used to vouch for the authenticity of Clifford Irving's Howard Hughes papers, don't you? When those Osborn descendants, who took over the business, said the writing belonged to Hughes, McGraw Hill paid Irving a whopper of a down payment. "Talk about jokes," for sure!

  • Re: the casesteve for rich, Wed Jul 26 12:53
    how can you ever say the handwriting experts were unethical. they wernt witnesses. what about hauptmanns witnesses? talk about jokes
    • "experts" — Richard E Sloan, Thu Jul 27 09:32
      • Re: "experts"steve for rich, Fri Jul 28 11:24
        your forgetting other 8 or 9 other experts who testified also, and some of the current ones said he wrote them
      • Re: "experts"Joe for Richard, Thu Jul 27 13:09
        Richard, do you actually view the connection between the ransom note writing and Hauptmann's writing as something requiring a QDE to tell you? Those experts at the trial were not the only ones who... more
        • "dem notes"Richard E Sloan, Fri Jul 28 11:44
          Despite the charlatans, I do strongly believe Bruno wrote all the notes (but Im still puzzled over the first one; it doesnt seem to look at all like his writing to me. Could that not also be the... more
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