Richard E Sloan
"dem notes"
Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:44

Despite the charlatans, I do strongly believe Bruno wrote all the notes (but Im still puzzled over the first one; it doesnt seem to look at all like his writing to me. Could that not also be the distinction betw. kidnapper and exortionists? I'm not sure -- off the top of me head -- of my sense of when the second note appeared and how. I'm only saying that the "experts" on both sides were tainted for the jury by some quacks and unscrupulous experts. WIlentz knw he had the right guy; but didn't he think he had a good nuff case without needing to play dirty?!

  • Re: "experts"Joe for Richard, Thu Jul 27 13:09
    Richard, do you actually view the connection between the ransom note writing and Hauptmann's writing as something requiring a QDE to tell you? Those experts at the trial were not the only ones who... more
    • "dem notes" — Richard E Sloan, Fri Jul 28 11:44
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