Michael For Joe
Re: Dark Corners
Mon Jul 31, 2017 20:09

My style of presentation is to list the facts then let the Reader decide what those facts represent. As far as spelling mistakes or "then/than" types of mistakes - I don't see how something like that could confuse you away from the facts. Like I said, most of the mistakes came through me FROM the source material - and I understood what they meant. Certainly if I did then so should everyone else and as far as I can tell from all feedback (save this one) they all have.

Again, I presented the facts that were previously unknown. It was written for people like "us" who know the case and want the new information that can be found in the Archives but that many don't have the time to go and search for themselves.

Whether I am "impartial" (according to your version of it) should have no sway. Facts are facts.

We have eyewitness accounts of the cars which were seen. You say there was "plenty" of facts to indicate the crime was committed at 9PM. What? Lindbergh claiming he heard a sound? The dogs running towards the chicken coups? Or how about Lindbergh saying he did not see ANY car on the road or parked on his way home. Yet you believe the Moore account. It cannot be both Joe. If Lindbergh came home when he said he did (forgetting he tried to say he came home later according to Keaten) he must have passed the car which whizzed by the Moores. But no. Perhaps the Moores had their backs turned and missed Lindbergh driving by - okay - but Lindbergh still would have had to drive past that car. We also know the "kidnap" car was parked ON Wertzville. Lindbergh would have had to pass this car as well.

It's everything in it's totality. It's not just if Whited was correct. It's the context of his sighting and account. It's not just that Anne went downstairs to listen for Lindbergh at 7:30PM after he just called at 7PM. It's pretty damning by itself but once taken into consideration with all of this other stuff it's hard to overcome. Anne knew how long it took to get to Hopewell from Englewood. She knew how long it took to get to Hopewell from NYC. Yet she's specifically down there listening for him at 7:30? And guess what - she hears him - but no - its the Kidnappers! What time was that? But the crime occurred at 9? So according to your theory they dropped off the ladder 45 to 50 minutes before it occurred?

I know you like to offer excuses for each individual problem but think about ALL of them happening before excusing Lindbergh as being, for example, distracted because he was worried about his son's cold etc. etc.

Also, I think you should re-read what I've written about Parker. Nothing I said was overstated as it relates to the actions I speak of.

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