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Michael For Bob
Re: overpriced editors
Mon Jul 31, 2017 20:46

Thanks Bob.

I will keep the offer in mind. Once the book came out I got a slew of offers from a lot of people who thought I didn't have the book edited. So it looks like I have someone already, and I am happy that it's someone who knows the case. That's important.

In my next volume I am being much more careful on my end. That was my first mistake... flying by thinking any mistake was going to be fixed. They were, but I have to be a little more pessimistic and prepare for the worst. I am going with a different publisher so that should never happen again.

I will be looking for someone to draw a diagram for me, either by hand or by computer program. But that search will start more towards the completion of this volume. I was making real progress but now I'm working on the Condon material so it's been slow going...

  • overpriced editorsbob mills for michael, Fri Jul 28 04:59
    Michael, if you haven't hired an editor yet for Volume II, I'm a former freelance editor for Reader's Digest Illustrated Trade Books. Since moving to Florida I've handled projects for local retirees, ... more
    • Lost your contact infoRonelle to Bob mills, Wed Aug 2 15:44
      Bob (Or anyone else) My email address is
    • Re: overpriced editors — Michael For Bob, Mon Jul 31 20:46
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