Richard E Sloan
Wed Aug 2, 2017 00:16

Please keep this dialogue going, Joe and Michael. It is thought provoking. You both have interesting views and suspicions. Thanx for starting this. I sue hope you will want to continue it and remain calm and civil. We'd get a lot out of it, I bet! You all agree, readers?

  • Re: Dark CornersMichael For Joe, Thu Jul 27 18:06
    "Conclusive" is a strong word. How about what "common sense" suggests? What I think you are doing is ignoring what I wrote on page 1. Consider that people noticed cars and for what reasons they did.... more
    • dialogue — Richard E Sloan, Wed Aug 2 00:16
    • Re: Dark CornersJoe for Michael, Sun Jul 30 10:40
      I'm not ignoring anything that you've written in your book, that I've tried to understand and process. And that in itself can be anything but straightforward, given the nature of your style of... more
      • Re: Dark CornersMichael For Joe, Mon Jul 31 20:09
        My style of presentation is to list the facts then let the Reader decide what those facts represent. As far as spelling mistakes or "then/than" types of mistakes - I don't see how something like that ... more
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