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bob mills for richard and forum
baker and ellerson
Wed Aug 2, 2017 04:49

Richard, Joyce Milton's book "Loss of Eden" connected Duane Baker and Charles Henry Ellerson and "Sha-Toe," the speakeasy in Fort Lee where they were seen drinking together. Baker was superintendent at Plymouth Apartments in Uptown Manhattan who laundered a big chunk of ransom money using "J.J. Faulkner" as an alias. Baker knew that there was no such person, because he had used the initials of Jane and Jane Faulkner (mother/daughter) who previously lived at Plymouth and whose names remained on the dumbwaiter. Two weeks after the ransom exchange, Baker took off with the rent receipts one afternoon.

Ellerson is the key to the LKC, I think. He knew the Lindberghs would be home that night, because he drove Betty Gow from Englewood. Remarkably, a day or two before the Eaglet's body was discovered at Mt Rose Heights, Ellerson's car went over a cliff on the Palisades and burned to a crisp (Ellerson jumped from the car at the last minute). Now consider...Ellerson is a professional chauffeur, and he loses control of his car at the edge of a cliff? I'd wager that the car had been used to transport the Eaglet's body from its original burial spot to the place where the gang had arranged to have it "discovered" by William Allen.

Ellerson had once been fired by Mrs. Morrow, but mysteriously rehired. He was rumored to be carrying on an affair with Violet Sharpe when she killed herself.

  • JFC and coincidencesRichard E Sloan, Tue Aug 1 22:42
    Those "co-inkeedinks" that Bob points out are the things that keep me and others fascinated by the case. I am sure an awful lot was covered up. One of the biggest puzzles is how JFC and Bruno were... more
    • baker and ellerson — bob mills for richard and forum, Wed Aug 2 04:49
      • Ellerson-Baker-SharperICHARD sLOAN, Wed Aug 2 08:46
        s-o-o intriguing.Thanx for the source. Now to ask where SHE got that! I'll see if "Loss of Eden" is footnoted.
        • Re: Ellerson-Baker-SharpeJoe for Richard, Thu Aug 3 12:29
          Richard, there is in fact, far less to connect Baker (real name Bacon) and Ellerson, than Bob has asserted here. I'm not stating they did not know each other, but what we have to date, is a lack of... more
          • baker and ellersonbob mills for joe and richard, Thu Aug 3 15:56
            Let me weigh in here. I haven't read Joyce Milton's book in years, but I do recall that she cited Baker (Bacon) as having succeeded Ellerson at Armour. He took over Ellerson's job as a driver. The... more
            • Re: baker and ellersonJoe for Bob, Fri Aug 4 11:30
              Bob, as you're probably aware, some caution should always be exercised around the FBI files, which were often augmented with unverified information and newspaper accounts. Many holes were also filled ... more
              • she-toebob mills for joe, Fri Aug 4 12:39
                Joe, I might have ascribed to Milton information that appeared elsewhere. If so, I'll have to concede your point. I'm positive that both Baker and Ellerson were cited by an authoritative source as... more
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