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bob mills for joe and richard
baker and ellerson
Thu Aug 3, 2017 15:56

Let me weigh in here. I haven't read Joyce Milton's book in years, but I do recall that she cited Baker (Bacon) as having succeeded Ellerson at Armour. He took over Ellerson's job as a driver.

The connection at Sha-Toe was far more recent, and more significant in terms of the LKC. I'm surprised, Joe, to read your post, because Milton's sources were FBI documents, and she must have seen Agent Leslie's report. I'm certain she didn't make the connection up.

Baker, for me, is the prime culprit. He had a record. As superintendent at Plymouth, he and only he was privy to the names "J./J. Faulkner," and in his role as super he collected the rents every month, mostly in cash. On 4/15/32 he made his collections, then headed for the hills without turning them in to the landlord.

At one point the FBI suspected Baker, because they tracked down Jane Faulkner (daughter of the late Jane, the other half of J./J.). She had married a man named Carl Geissler and lived in Parchment, NY. By amazing coincidence, Carl Geissler worked at the same firm as Myra Condon, Jafsie's daughter! But when this angle didn't lead the FBI anywhere, they forgot about Baker, and Plymouth, and Ellerson.

Then Hauptmann was arrested, and the rest is history.

One final comment. In 1932 kidnapping for ransom was not regarded as a serious crime. The press sarcastically called it the "snatch racket," on a level with petty theft or counterfeiting. So to imagine Baker, a lowlife, as responding to a mob contract offer to make easy money isn't hard. His wife was German, but as far as I know the Osborns were never asked to analyze her handwriting; it would have been interesting, given their uncertainty about Hauptmann's authorship of the notes.

  • Re: Ellerson-Baker-SharpeJoe for Richard, Thu Aug 3 12:29
    Richard, there is in fact, far less to connect Baker (real name Bacon) and Ellerson, than Bob has asserted here. I'm not stating they did not know each other, but what we have to date, is a lack of... more
    • baker and ellerson — bob mills for joe and richard, Thu Aug 3 15:56
      • Re: baker and ellersonJoe for Bob, Fri Aug 4 11:30
        Bob, as you're probably aware, some caution should always be exercised around the FBI files, which were often augmented with unverified information and newspaper accounts. Many holes were also filled ... more
        • she-toebob mills for joe, Fri Aug 4 12:39
          Joe, I might have ascribed to Milton information that appeared elsewhere. If so, I'll have to concede your point. I'm positive that both Baker and Ellerson were cited by an authoritative source as... more
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