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Joe for Bob
Re: baker and ellerson
Fri Aug 4, 2017 11:30

Bob, as you're probably aware, some caution should always be exercised around the FBI files, which were often augmented with unverified information and newspaper accounts. Many holes were also filled in along the way based on Schwarzkopf's reluctance to share NJSP investigative report information. Agent Leslie's report is however, first hand investigation on his part to explore the possibility of a connection between Baker and Ellerson.

Over the years, I've seen your implication of a connection swell to the conclusion these two guys were actual drinking buddies at the Sha-Toe. What is your source for this specific point? Milton certainly never said that and neither did the FBI files. In fact, Milton, in "Loss of Eden," never even states they knew each other.. you may want to have a re-read.

It's not too difficult to imagine how this case might have been turned upside down long before now had it been proven they were acquainted.

  • baker and ellersonbob mills for joe and richard, Thu Aug 3 15:56
    Let me weigh in here. I haven't read Joyce Milton's book in years, but I do recall that she cited Baker (Bacon) as having succeeded Ellerson at Armour. He took over Ellerson's job as a driver. The... more
    • Re: baker and ellerson — Joe for Bob, Fri Aug 4 11:30
      • she-toebob mills for joe, Fri Aug 4 12:39
        Joe, I might have ascribed to Milton information that appeared elsewhere. If so, I'll have to concede your point. I'm positive that both Baker and Ellerson were cited by an authoritative source as... more
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