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bob mills for joe
Fri Aug 4, 2017 12:39

Joe, I might have ascribed to Milton information that appeared elsewhere. If so, I'll have to concede your point. I'm positive that both Baker and Ellerson were cited by an authoritative source as frequent patrons of Sha-Toe. Otherwise, that speakeasy would never have entered the dialogue surrounding the LKC. I had never heard of Sha-Toe until reading about it in the context of Baker and Ellerson as patrons.

Of course, Sha-Toe burned to the ground shortly after Prohibition ended, so any remaining evidence about its clientele has long since disappeared. I don't harbor any hope that new information will be forthcoming.

  • Re: baker and ellersonJoe for Bob, Fri Aug 4 11:30
    Bob, as you're probably aware, some caution should always be exercised around the FBI files, which were often augmented with unverified information and newspaper accounts. Many holes were also filled ... more
    • she-toe — bob mills for joe, Fri Aug 4 12:39
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