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Sue for Joe
A Stroll in the Park
Fri Aug 4, 2017 22:42

What were the circumstances surrounding Skean's "stroll in the park"?

Did Skean get Lindbergh's permission to go to the park alone
or did he go with the Lindberghs?

Taking a stroll in the park does not sound like Lindbergh.

When the Lindberghs left for Hopewell, were Mrs. Morrow & her servants then left with the responsibility of getting the dog back to the house?

They must have been confident Skean would return on his own.

  • Re: The Matter of the Sick SealyhamSue for Joe, Fri Aug 4 09:44
    Thanks very much Sue, for this further information. The following is an entry posted by Amy on Michael's board. It's an excerpt from the writings (perhaps diary?) of Marguerite Junge, seamstress at... more
    • Different Name, Same Dog?Sue for Joe, Sat Aug 5 11:17
      "Acouche" seems to be the spelling of the dog that was not present in the Lindbergh household on the night of the crime. Acouche, and not Skean, seems to be the name of the dog referred to in several ... more
      • Re: Different Name, Same Dog?Joe for Sue, Sat Aug 5 11:44
        I think there was probably a lot of confusion amongst reporters over the dogs' names, and which one was which. Seems reasonable that 'Wahgoosh' might have become 'Accouche' based on someone's... more
    • A Stroll in the Park — Sue for Joe, Fri Aug 4 22:42
    • Transmission of the Common Cold?Sue for Joe, Fri Aug 4 20:00
      One other thing, Joe. If the sealyham was sick with a cold, could the baby have caught the cold from the dog? Or did the dog pass the cold along to the baby?
    • Another Article about the SealyhamSue for Joe, Fri Aug 4 19:40
      Here is another newspaper article that mentions the sick sealyham. Again, the date is March 7, 1932. It is an entirely different article for that date from a newspaper in upstate New York -- The... more
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