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bob mills for steve and forum
baker, geissler, and myra condon
Mon Aug 7, 2017 12:32

Steve, my understanding is that they couldn't prove Baker laundered the money because the bank teller couldn't remember what "J./J. Faulkner" looked like (or was afraid to get involved). Then it turned out, by amazing coincidence, that Jane (Faulkner) Geissler's husband, Carl Geissler, worked with Myra Condon!

That connection told the FBI that they were on the right track, and that there was some kind of conspiracy involving the Geisslers and Jafsie Condon. Of course, there wasn't any such conspiracy, because J./.J. Faulkner wasn't an actual individual, rather the initials of two people, a mother and daughter, who once lived at Plymouth Apartments (where Baker was superintendent and privy to their names on the dumbwaiter).

Carl Geissler proved he was clean, as did Myra Condon. Once this "conspiracy" failed to pan out, the FBI forgot about Baker, and the fact that he and Ellerson were connected by their employment at Armour and by their drinking at Sha-Toe. They forgot about Baker's wife, who was a German and might have written the ransom note(s). When Hauptmann was arrested, they forgot about all other suspects.

  • Re: coincidencessteve for bob, Thu Aug 3 09:42
    hi bob I have the fbi files on baker I think he was cleared
    • baker, geissler, and myra condon — bob mills for steve and forum, Mon Aug 7 12:32
      • correctionbob mills for steve and forum, Mon Aug 7 12:57
        Upon checking my notes I find that Carl Geissler actually worked with Ralph Hacker, Jafsie Condon't son-in-law. Hacker was married to Myra (nee Condon). Sorry for the error.
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