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Joe for Bob Mills
Re: joyce milton
Wed Aug 9, 2017 12:55

Bob, I've previously read that Ellerson was involved in some position on the "inside" at Armour and I'm wondering if perhaps it was a subsidiary or parent company to Armour, and just under a different name. I also entertained the same thoughts about him possibly being less than forthcoming, towards establishing a connection with Baker. I've seen Baker do this on two separate occasions during the investigation into what other witnesses had to say about him, although Baker did openly state he worked at Armour.

  • joyce miltonbob mills for joe, Wed Aug 9 04:55
    Joe, it was Joyce Milton in "Loss of Eden" who wrote that Baker succeeded Ellerson at Armour. If Ellerson omitted Armour from his employment history in a statement to Inspector Walsh, it might have... more
    • Re: joyce milton — Joe for Bob Mills, Wed Aug 9 12:55
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