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bob mills for richard sloan
Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:40

Richard, the men are coming to pick you up in an hour. Don't worry, your insurance will cover your entire stay.

  • look-alikesRichard E Sloan, Fri Aug 11 10:35
    SUch observations only serve to confuse us and clutter our minds and our research. Of course, every lead must be followed, but they are all in vain and wind up being a waste of time. There are so... more
    • Re: look-alikesSue for Richard, Fri Aug 11 23:18
      That is vintage film of the day (1936) of a man who said he beleived he saw someone who looked like Jafsie just prior to the kidnapping. I'm surprised -- you being a history person -- that you did... more
      • Re: look-alikesAnonymous, Sat Aug 12 16:56
        I wasnt commenting on the film with Herborn; I havent looked at it yet. So much for "not appreciating" it. I was merely offering that one cannotg always rely on that sort of thing, SUe.
    • Re: look-alikesJoe for Richard, Fri Aug 11 14:09
      Richard, the world we perceive is nothing more than illusion, and in concept, no different from our dreams at night. We only think of it as real because.. well that's the way we've always dunnit... more
    • lookalikes — bob mills for richard sloan, Fri Aug 11 11:40
      • Union Hotel footageRichard E Sloan, Wed Sep 6 16:00
        I just stumbled upon some eerie and fascinating video of the deserted Union Hotel. You get to see what very few of us have glimpsed -- the inside of the upper floors -- in some detail. (I only know... more
        • Re: Union Hotel footagesteve for rich, Fri Sep 8 09:50
          hi rich sue and I was given the tour by the current owner at the time. I didn't have my camera
          • Union HotelRichard E Sloan, Sat Sep 9 12:30
            You guys sure were lucky. FIlms are great to see, but nothing like actually walking around up there! I guess ea. juror had his/her own room. Agreed? ANy idea which rooms? Which side of the hotel?
      • they're comingRichard, Fri Aug 11 22:13
        heh-heh. Have you ever heard of a gent named Jack French who has been interested in the case? He took my tour once, I think, and some years ago he made a little presentation about the case having to... more
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