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Joe for Bob Mills
Re: somebody would have talked
Sun Aug 13, 2017 07:19

Bob, it wasn't my point specifically that someone would have talked. Please read my post again for the reasons I stated. I actually disagree with Jack. Anyone directly involved in a case of this notoriety and sensitivity, and there would have been a few, would most likely have never breathed a word to anyone, despite the fact it would have taken a toll in their mental and physical wellness.

You said: "We learned that keeping secrets is endemic to their operations, and they don't hesitate to kill to protect their secrets." Of course you're right, and this would certainly apply to a red hot liability like Hauptmann, who essentially would have been thumbing his nose at Big Al, while he was freely spending ransom money in the Bronx for two and a half years before he was caught, so you seem to be arguing against yourself here.

If Capone had have been involved, yes he would have known the baby was dead from the beginning. But he didn't know the baby was dead, Bob. That's why he was so vocal in support of the Lindberghs and wanting to become involved. If he had have known the truth, he wouldn't have touched this thing with a bargepole, except for perhaps offering to have one of his underlings rub out whoever was responsible.

  • somebody would have talkedbob mills for joe and forum, Sat Aug 12 12:03
    Joe, I have in fact written a book about this. "Conscience of a Conspiracy Theorist" dealt specifically with your belief that "too many people would have (talked)..." which you advanced in a recent... more
    • Re: somebody would have talked — Joe for Bob Mills, Sun Aug 13 07:19
      • capone and the lindberghsbob mills for joe, jack and forum, Mon Aug 14 09:48
        I wish Capone would come back to Earth for a few minutes, so we could question him about his offer to return the Eaglet to the Lindberghs. If Capone had been DIRECTLY involved with the kidnapping,... more
      • TalkedJack, Sun Aug 13 22:54
        If Capone, or anyone besides simply Hauptmann would have been the perpetrator, there would have been people who simply knew about the crime or were lightly involved such as being a messenger who... more
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