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bob mills for joe, jack and forum
capone and the lindberghs
Mon Aug 14, 2017 09:48

I wish Capone would come back to Earth for a few minutes, so we could question him about his offer to return the Eaglet to the Lindberghs.

If Capone had been DIRECTLY involved with the kidnapping, he'd have known the baby was dead. But whichever contractor did the job (I think it was Baker) would never have let Capone, or anyone acting for him, know that he'd screwed up. A contract on Baker would have been let immediately. That's why Baker took off in mid-April, not willing to have the Eaglet's body discovered while he was within reach of one of Capone's hired assassins. Baker was afraid of mob retaliation, not FBI oversight.

Those who dismiss the Capone/mob angle have to explain why Capone would ever have made such an offer unless he KNEW the kidnapping was for his benefit. Does anyone really believe he'd have been able to track down a lone kidnapper, either Hauptmann or anyone not part of a gang? Does anyone believe Capone expected to be let out of prison in order to conduct a wild goose chase? He'd have invited a new prosecution for obstruction of justice in that event.

Those same folks have to explain why Hauptmann declined Hoffman's offer of a commutation of his death sentence. In effect, Hauptmann committed suicide. What explanation avails except that the mob had gotten word to him that his wife and son would have been dead meat if he'd talked? Normally the mob would threaten the party of the first part (Hauptmann), but knowing he'd be well guarded in prison, the logical alternative threat would be against Anna and Mannfried.

Finally, is there any plausible explanation for Jafsie's statement to Turrou, "My life won't be worth five cents (if I identify Hauptmann)," other than fear of mob retaliation? He knew a gang had done the demonstrated by his expectation of a response to a notice in the Bronx Home News. I can't prove it, but I'd wager that Wilentz assured Jafsie that the investigation had ended with Hauptmann's arraignment, which freed Jafsie to identify Hauptmann as Cemetery John in court.

  • Re: somebody would have talkedJoe for Bob Mills, Sun Aug 13 07:19
    Bob, it wasn't my point specifically that someone would have talked. Please read my post again for the reasons I stated. I actually disagree with Jack. Anyone directly involved in a case of this... more
    • capone and the lindberghs — bob mills for joe, jack and forum, Mon Aug 14 09:48
    • TalkedJack, Sun Aug 13 22:54
      If Capone, or anyone besides simply Hauptmann would have been the perpetrator, there would have been people who simply knew about the crime or were lightly involved such as being a messenger who... more
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