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Re: Unruly Comments Above
Wed Aug 16, 2017 13:40

Jack, Jack, Jack, what are we to do with you? Me thinks you need to go back to that bowling ally and get your as●●● kicked again,,,, JMHO

  • Unruly Comments AboveJack, Tue Aug 15 06:20
    First of all a public apology is called for to the Schonfeld family for the above post. He was a thoroughly professional M.D. and psychiatrist who donated his time towards solving the greatest crime... more
    • unruly comments?bob mills for jack, Wed Aug 16 15:59
      Jack, I presume you're referring to my choice of words when I called Schonfeld a "quack." Schonfeld never once met Hauptmann. He never spoke to him on the telephone. Yet he drew a mental picture of a ... more
      • RespectJack, Thu Aug 17 06:28
        I would think that you, Bob Mills, who in the past have been in a position which deserved respect, though perhaps not any more, would think before you tossed unfavorable and of course ridiculous... more
        • respect?bob mills for jack, Thu Aug 17 10:18
          Professionals, Jack? Does the term "professional" automatically attach to someone in a profession? Or should the word be reserved for those who ACT professional? I think most people would prefer the... more
    • Re: Unruly Comments Above — Guest, Wed Aug 16 13:40
      • BAJack, Thu Aug 17 06:21
        Nothing happened at the bowling alley. I wonder if you commenters even read the posts. I told a guy I'd bowl him one game for $ 500 and wouldn't take his check. Would you? If you would you're pretty... more
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