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bob mills for jack
unruly comments?
Wed Aug 16, 2017 15:59

Jack, I presume you're referring to my choice of words when I called Schonfeld a "quack."

Schonfeld never once met Hauptmann. He never spoke to him on the telephone. Yet he drew a mental picture of a "lone-wolf kidnapper" that suited Wilentz' need to prosecute Hauptmann, while at the same time ignoring the rest of a kidnap gang that everybody on the planet (except Schonfeld) knew had kidnapped the Eaglet

I offer no apology to anyone in the Schonfeld family. Any doctor who diagnoses a "patient" without once meeting or speaking to that patient, knowing at the same time that this "diagnosis" will probably lead to his execution, is worse than a quack. He's an accessory to a gross miscarriage of justice. To paraphrase the man who was president at the time of Hauptmann's trial, "His name will live in infamy."

The mystery surrounding Condon's use of the Bronx Home News doesn't relate to Jafsie's familiarity with the paper itself. Would Condon have written the Bronx Home News, expecting to contact a kidnapper from California? From Texas? Of course not. Well, New Jersey is closer, but there were probably 50 newspapers between the Bronx and Hopewell that offered a greater likelihood of reaching the kidnapper. The fact that Jafsie wrote the Bronx Home News, and received a prompt reply, is Exhibit A of the fact that Jafsie knew of a kidnap gang based in the Bronx. The cops knew it, too. Why do you think they suspected him?

  • Unruly Comments AboveJack, Tue Aug 15 06:20
    First of all a public apology is called for to the Schonfeld family for the above post. He was a thoroughly professional M.D. and psychiatrist who donated his time towards solving the greatest crime... more
    • unruly comments? — bob mills for jack, Wed Aug 16 15:59
      • RespectJack, Thu Aug 17 06:28
        I would think that you, Bob Mills, who in the past have been in a position which deserved respect, though perhaps not any more, would think before you tossed unfavorable and of course ridiculous... more
        • respect?bob mills for jack, Thu Aug 17 10:18
          Professionals, Jack? Does the term "professional" automatically attach to someone in a profession? Or should the word be reserved for those who ACT professional? I think most people would prefer the... more
    • Re: Unruly Comments AboveGuest, Wed Aug 16 13:40
      Jack, Jack, Jack, what are we to do with you? Me thinks you need to go back to that bowling ally and get your as●●● kicked again,,,, JMHO
      • BAJack, Thu Aug 17 06:21
        Nothing happened at the bowling alley. I wonder if you commenters even read the posts. I told a guy I'd bowl him one game for $ 500 and wouldn't take his check. Would you? If you would you're pretty... more
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