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Thu Aug 17, 2017 06:28

I would think that you, Bob Mills, who in the past have been in a position which deserved respect, though perhaps not any more, would think before you tossed unfavorable and of course ridiculous descriptions of professionals around.

You never met Schonfeld either, and look at your opinion of him!

  • unruly comments?bob mills for jack, Wed Aug 16 15:59
    Jack, I presume you're referring to my choice of words when I called Schonfeld a "quack." Schonfeld never once met Hauptmann. He never spoke to him on the telephone. Yet he drew a mental picture of a ... more
    • Respect — Jack, Thu Aug 17 06:28
      • respect?bob mills for jack, Thu Aug 17 10:18
        Professionals, Jack? Does the term "professional" automatically attach to someone in a profession? Or should the word be reserved for those who ACT professional? I think most people would prefer the... more
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