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bob mills for jack
Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:18

Professionals, Jack? Does the term "professional" automatically attach to someone in a profession? Or should the word be reserved for those who ACT professional? I think most people would prefer the adjectival use of the word.

Alex Carrel was a scientist, a professional by definition. Would you call a man who practiced eugenics "professional?"

Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a capable professional insofar as his medical ability was concerned. Does a lawbreaking physician deserve to be called professional?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio until recently was a professional law enforcement figure who behaved unprofessionally by ignoring court orders. May I criticize him, even though we've never met?

As a historian, I reserve the right to criticize so-called professionals from history who abuse their positions. That right is self-evident. Otherwise, anyone who earns a degree in any professional field becomes, ipso facto, exempt from criticism. That's patently absurd.

  • RespectJack, Thu Aug 17 06:28
    I would think that you, Bob Mills, who in the past have been in a position which deserved respect, though perhaps not any more, would think before you tossed unfavorable and of course ridiculous... more
    • respect? — bob mills for jack, Thu Aug 17 10:18
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