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Romaine Johnson
Fri Aug 18, 2017 20:24

Why isn't Romaine Johnson discussed in relation to Hauptmann and Arthur Jones?

So much has been written about Arthur Jones, a black man who escaped the electric chair.

Romaine Johnson, another black man, would have been one of the last inmates Hauptmann might have conversed with in Trenton State Prison.

Romaine Johnson was executed on December 30, 1935.

The next person to be killed in the electric chair in New Jersey was Hauptmann, on April 3, 1936.

Beneath the Winter Sycamores, by Jim Bahm, discusses Arthur Jones, but Romaine Johnson's name is nowhere to be found in his book or anyone else's discussion of Arthur Jones.

The Pittsburgh Courier was the premiere black newspaper of the day back in 1936.

On the front page of the Pittsburgh Courier for January 11, 1936 was an article called:

"Did Romaine Johnson Carry Hauptmann's Confession with Him to Electric Chair?"

With everything that was written about Arthur Jones, why has Romaine Johnson's name remained absent?

(See article in lower left hand corner.)

    • 1981 The Baker Street Journal, Volumes 31-32. Page 58: "In the pleasant atmosphere of Pfenninger's Hilltop Inn, in historic Flemington, thirty League members gathered for an excellent meal and to... more
    • Hauptmann Has One ChanceSue, Thu Aug 24 18:38
      "Hauptmann Has One Chance: Trial by Unemotional Judges Instead of Easily Influenced Jury May Be Lindbergh Suspect's Sole Opportunity for Freedom" by Thomas S. Rice, LL.B. October 7, 1932 Brooklyn... more
      • was the brooklyn eagle prescient?bob mills for sue and forum, Fri Aug 25 10:49
        This is confusing, Sue. Hauptmann wasn't arrested until 1934. How could the Brooklyn Eagle have done a story on him in 1932?
        • Re: was the brooklyn eagle prescient?Sue for Bob, Fri Aug 25 12:38
          My error. The date of that newspaper is October 7, 1934.
          • brooklyn eaglebob mills for sue, Sat Aug 26 18:37
            Thanks, Sue. I thought for a moment that we'd discovered the Holy Grail.
            • Re: brooklyn eagleSue for Bob, Sun Aug 27 05:18
              Sorry to disappoint you.
              • brooklyn eaglebob mills for sue, Mon Aug 28 10:48
                Not disappointed at all, Sue. I wasn't sure where the error lay, so I raised the issue to find out.
      • October 7, 1934!Sue, Thu Aug 24 18:43
        "Hauptmann Has One Chance" by Thomas S. Rice, LL.B. Brooklyn Daily Eagle October 7, 1934
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