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Sun Aug 20, 2017 15:55

"Condon's [verbal] statement was soon published in the Bronx Home News."

Condon's "statement" was actually a Letter to the (Ass't) Editor (Coleman) of the BHN (whom he knew personally). He had written to that newspaper many times over the years. It had a rather large circulation/readership for the time, about 150,000 per day. Hauptmann claimed not to be a subscriber but did say he had occasionally read some of the complimentary copies left at his E 222nd Street residence.

Many persist, including Hauptmann's own defense team, in presenting JFC's first comments as being contained in a paid "ad." But it was a Letter to the Editor, and then published on the front page (for free) because of its human interest and JFC's connections.

  • Condon & the Bronx Home NewsSue for Bob Mills, Mon Jul 31 22:28
    Perhaps Jafsie DID know of an active plot in the Bronx. After all... Condon was known as "The Grand Old Man of the Bronx." The Bronx News was a paper that ONLY dealt with news that came out of the... more
    • accuracy — Anonymous, Sun Aug 20 15:55
    • coincidencesbob mills for sue and forum, Tue Aug 1 12:28
      "If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, etc..." Sue, you've done far more research than I have on the LKC. But what first drew me to the case were the amazing "coincidences" that surrounded ... more
      • Re: coincidencessteve for bob, Thu Aug 3 09:42
        hi bob I have the fbi files on baker I think he was cleared
        • baker, geissler, and myra condonbob mills for steve and forum, Mon Aug 7 12:32
          Steve, my understanding is that they couldn't prove Baker laundered the money because the bank teller couldn't remember what "J./J. Faulkner" looked like (or was afraid to get involved). Then it... more
          • correctionbob mills for steve and forum, Mon Aug 7 12:57
            Upon checking my notes I find that Carl Geissler actually worked with Ralph Hacker, Jafsie Condon't son-in-law. Hacker was married to Myra (nee Condon). Sorry for the error.
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