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bob mills for jack and forum
baker and the cops
Mon Aug 21, 2017 05:19

Quite a set of coincidences, it seems to me.

Baker is an ex-con and the only person at Plymouth Apartments with access to the dumbwaiter roster where the names J./J. Faulkner were listed. And...he takes off with the rent receipts less than two weeks after the ransom exchange at St. Raymond's, but before the Eaglet's body has been discovered. And...he's connected to Charles Henry Ellerson, one of the few people who knew the Lindberghs would be staying over at Hopewell for the first and only time on a Tuesday night, and whose car went over a cliff and burned beyond recognition a day before the Eaglet's body was found. And...the ransom note in the nursery was written in a Germanic dialectic, and Baker's wife was German.

If Geissler was involved, then the (employment) connection with Jafsie through Jafsie's son-in-law, Ralph Hacker, is not a coincidence. It hadn't occurred to me before, but possibly Hacker, who of course knew that Jafsie was being questioned extensively, learned of the fact that J./J. Faulkner was the name used on the ransom bill exchange slip, knew that his co-worker Geissler had married a woman named Jane Faulkner, and went to the cops in an effort to help, and to take the heat off the old man.

  • Baker - Smart?Jack, Fri Aug 18 13:11
    Regarding all that Baker stuff, I can't see anyone smart enough to know what omerta meant leaving his own address at a place where he exchanged ransom bills which could have gotten him executed. It... more
    • baker and the cops — bob mills for jack and forum, Mon Aug 21 05:19
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