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Joe for Sue
Re: Photo Error?
Sun Sep 3, 2017 09:11

Sue, I wasn't able to open the page to be able to read it, but can tell from the placement of the chimney and orientation of the house / landcaping, that this newspaper photo is a complete reverse image. The physical pieces of evidence that cements the nursery window as the point of entry are the two indentations in the mud below the nursery window, where the ladder had been placed, as well as the scrape marks on the wall, and mud in the nursery.

BTW, is it possible for you to post the opened links for newspaper articles? Many of them appear to be real gems. I don't have access and I'm a bit wary of 'free trial' subscriptions. Will one membership allow you to open all of them, or are they specific?

  • Photo Error?Sue for Joe, Sat Sep 2 17:52
    Hi, Joe. This March 3, 1932 Indianapolis newspaper shows a picture of the Hopewell house, but the view looks like a backward image. The photo description says the police used the kidnap ladder to... more
    • Hauptmann via Warden McCreaSue, Sun Sep 3 09:58
      The Lindbergh Trial: A Photographic View of Accused Kidnapper Hauptmann Via Warden McCrea from the Astle-Alpaugh Family Showcase... more
      • Part ISue, Sun Sep 3 17:36
      • Astle-Alpaugh Family CollectionSue, Sun Sep 3 17:25
        Other links to LKC photos and articles on this site, but here is one of them.
    • Re: Photo Error? — Joe for Sue, Sun Sep 3 09:11
      • Re: Photo Error?Sue for Joe, Sun Sep 3 09:50
        Joe, I am also wary of "free." I believe requires your credit card number if you want to get their "free." There might be a way to post these newspaper articles for all to see. I just... more
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