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bob mills for ronelle
my friend irma
Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:30

I've been thinking about you in re the hurricane, Ronelle. It's amazing. I'm in Sun City Center (SE of Tampa), and even though the eye of Irma passed a few miles east of here, we were relatively unaffected. Never even lost power, in fact.

My three girls up north pleaded with me and my significant other to pack up and leave, but I resisted, in part because we have two cats, and also because there was really nowhere to go. It worked out, praise God.

  • Edmund DeLong Oral History 1962 PDF in 6 PartsRonelle to Sue and Forum, Sat Sep 9 16:11
    Irma is almost here in Pembroke Pines FLA (BOB MILLS - I hope you and your family are OK over there in Naples) but I know we're probably going to be without electricity in the aftermath so I spent... more
    • Jacob JackowitzSue, Fri Sep 15 22:10
      Journalist Jacob Jackowitz wrote the "school page" for the New York Sun. In Edmund DeLong's interview, he says Jacob Jackowitz openly reported about the allegations against Condon in the New York Sun ... more
    • Board of EducationSue, Fri Sep 15 21:48
      Journal of the Board of Education of the City of New York, Volume I. Wm. C. Bryant & Company, 1910 Page 899. May 10, 1910 Condon and two other principals were brought before the Board.... more
    • my friend irma — bob mills for ronelle, Tue Sep 12 10:30
      • Re: my friend irmaSue for Bob, Wed Sep 13 07:50
        Good to know that you are okay, Bob! You made the right decision, and stayed put!
      • my friend irmaronelle to bob, Wed Sep 13 02:51
        Wasn't there a TV show with that name? Yes, Bob - I was worried about you - sent you some messages but maybe you didn't get them. We lost power only for 5 hours but we have had a lot of trouble with... more
        • my friend irma, the aftermathbob mills for sue and ronelle, Thu Sep 14 10:55
          Thanks to my good friends Sue and Ronelle for their thoughtful comments. Yes, Ronelle, "My Friend Irma" was a radio/TV comedy in the '40s and early '50s, starring Marie Wilson as Irma, a lovable... more
    • Re: Edmund DeLong Oral History 1962 PDF in 6 Partssteve for ronnelle, Tue Sep 12 09:49
      hope all is well in florida
      • IrmaSue for Ronelle, Wed Sep 13 07:30
        Hi Ronelle, I am glad that you are okay! It's funny how our LKC stuff is at the top of things to rescue in an emergency! Sue
      • thanksronelle to steve, Wed Sep 13 03:01
        We got through the hysteria - and Irma too! But, I was more worried to lose my research papers than anything crazy is that?! While everyone was buying out the supermarkets of their water, ... more
        • "My Friend Irma"Richard E Sloan, Wed Sep 13 04:00
          Yes, that was originally a radio situation comedy and then moved to TV. It was so popular that a movie was made with the same title. (That was Martin & Lewis' first film!) MArie Wilson always played... more
    • more..Ronelle, Sat Sep 9 16:17
      ......I forgot to mention that the hard copy docs Sue sent me are about 200 pages! In attempting to load them up as PDF files I was forced by my crummy scanner to do it in weird segments. So you will ... more
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