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ronelle to bob
my friend irma
Wed Sep 13, 2017 02:51

Wasn't there a TV show with that name?
Yes, Bob - I was worried about you - sent you some messages but maybe you didn't get them. We lost power only for 5 hours but we have had a lot of trouble with our phones and we had no running water for 2 days in the aftermath. We now have to boil whatever water we can get from our faucet. Good thing we bottled a lot of it beforehand from our fridge. There was NO WATER to be bought by Thursday here. No matches! No plastic bags! The panic was immense.
Haven't gone out of my house since Friday!
Very depressing because all of my lectures and all of my classes have now been canceled. And my husband also lost all of his bookings. The people (singers mostly) who depend on my husband to get them jobs are all canceled until notified by the venues.
It's such a mess - even for those of us who have been so lucky.
Everyone is connected to it - even if you had no great disaster. All of Florida is a mess now. So many traffic lights aren't working.
But, I have been through so many of these and the worst was Andrew. All the doors in our house banged on their hinges for hours. Our sliding doors rattled in their frames and it sounded like railroad cars flying over our roof. Irma did none of that to us. And we don't even have shutters or boarded up windows so we were just plain lucky - this time!

  • my friend irmabob mills for ronelle, Tue Sep 12 10:30
    I've been thinking about you in re the hurricane, Ronelle. It's amazing. I'm in Sun City Center (SE of Tampa), and even though the eye of Irma passed a few miles east of here, we were relatively... more
    • Re: my friend irmaSue for Bob, Wed Sep 13 07:50
      Good to know that you are okay, Bob! You made the right decision, and stayed put!
    • my friend irma — ronelle to bob, Wed Sep 13 02:51
      • my friend irma, the aftermathbob mills for sue and ronelle, Thu Sep 14 10:55
        Thanks to my good friends Sue and Ronelle for their thoughtful comments. Yes, Ronelle, "My Friend Irma" was a radio/TV comedy in the '40s and early '50s, starring Marie Wilson as Irma, a lovable... more
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