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ronelle to steve
Wed Sep 13, 2017 03:01

We got through the hysteria - and Irma too!
But, I was more worried to lose my research papers than anything crazy is that?! While everyone was buying out the supermarkets of their water, matches, candles, and plastic bags I was busy rounding up my LKC stuff and making sure it was safe from flooding and wind! I must be nuts! No? By the time I finished securing LKC docs there was no more stuff to buy in any store.But luckily Irma was a dud in my area.

  • Re: Edmund DeLong Oral History 1962 PDF in 6 Partssteve for ronnelle, Tue Sep 12 09:49
    hope all is well in florida
    • IrmaSue for Ronelle, Wed Sep 13 07:30
      Hi Ronelle, I am glad that you are okay! It's funny how our LKC stuff is at the top of things to rescue in an emergency! Sue
    • thanks — ronelle to steve, Wed Sep 13 03:01
      • "My Friend Irma"Richard E Sloan, Wed Sep 13 04:00
        Yes, that was originally a radio situation comedy and then moved to TV. It was so popular that a movie was made with the same title. (That was Martin & Lewis' first film!) MArie Wilson always played... more
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