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Richard E Sloan
"My Friend Irma"
Wed Sep 13, 2017 04:00

Yes, that was originally a radio situation comedy and then moved to TV. It was so popular that a movie was made with the same title. (That was Martin & Lewis' first film!) MArie Wilson always played Irma.
I remember racing to a Bklyn hotel for shelter before Irene hit, and hastily tossing all of my most treasured collectibles into the car. I was afraid that our ten year old roof or upstairs windows might blow off. That was a dud, but by the time Sandy hit us, we had ripped off all the layers of roofing and had a new one put on.
My son lives on the top floor of a 3-story complex in Lakeland. That's just east of Tampa.
He heeded my advice and took shelter in a school, just to play it safe. When he returned, he found that the complex had pretty much escaped Irma's wrath. He never lost power. It was as though his place was in an oasis!
Glad everyone is safe and sound. I thought about you -- esp. Ronelle, because at 7 pm that night there was a report that a tornado was going to pass over Pembrooke Pines!

  • thanksronelle to steve, Wed Sep 13 03:01
    We got through the hysteria - and Irma too! But, I was more worried to lose my research papers than anything crazy is that?! While everyone was buying out the supermarkets of their water, ... more
    • "My Friend Irma" — Richard E Sloan, Wed Sep 13 04:00
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