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bob mills for sue and ronelle
my friend irma, the aftermath
Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:55

Thanks to my good friends Sue and Ronelle for their thoughtful comments. Yes, Ronelle, "My Friend Irma" was a radio/TV comedy in the '40s and early '50s, starring Marie Wilson as Irma, a lovable dingbat who got into ridiculous situations via her rank stupidity. I doubt the women's movement would tolerate it today.

We lost power YESTERDAY for about eight hours, for no evident reason. But our inconvenience pales next to yours, Ronelle. The grocery stores lost all their perishables, so we have no milk and only the meat/chicken/fish we had stocked up on beforehand. Meanwhile, a friend who lives maybe ten miles away had the roof blown off his mobile home. Irma was not an equal opportunity hurricane.

Staying put was the right thing, Sue. As we speak, cars that headed north before the storm are stuck in traffic jams coming home on I-75, with no gas available in most places. Of course, when a car runs out of gas it blocks traffic, exacerbating the problem.

  • my friend irmaronelle to bob, Wed Sep 13 02:51
    Wasn't there a TV show with that name? Yes, Bob - I was worried about you - sent you some messages but maybe you didn't get them. We lost power only for 5 hours but we have had a lot of trouble with... more
    • my friend irma, the aftermath — bob mills for sue and ronelle, Thu Sep 14 10:55
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