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Benno Stein, German Shepherd Expert
Sun Sep 24, 2017 14:11

Benno Stein, German Shepherd dog expert, had a training school for dogs down in Georgia.

Benno Stein was contacted and asked to fly up to New Jersey with one of his dogs (Midnight Sun?) to aid in the search for the Lindbergh baby. Stein told them not to waste their time and money because, by Day 3, it was too late.

The Dog Fancier
March 1933
Volume 42
Page 7:

"Training the Dog":

"I cannot help but feel that if a well trained dog had been used in the Lindbergh case last year, such a dog would have pointed out a definite lead. Of course it being understood that the dog would have arrived with the first officers to reach the scene and not after everybody had trampled around and made it impossible for the dog to find a clear trail. During the third day after the kidnapping I was asked by wire to fly up to New Jersey with a dog, but by this time it was impossible for a dog to be of any real help as hundreds of persons had trampled over the grounds leaving nothing for a dog to work on so I felt it was best to point out that at this time the dog would be no longer of any help, thus saving the part asking me the expenses of sending me on a wild goose chase.'

"Even if a dog is not always able to trail its man to the end, he often will be able to discover circumstantial evidence..."

    • benno steinbob mills for sue and forum, Mon Sep 25 14:38
      Did Mr. Stein have an opinion about why Wahgoosh didn't bark on the night of the kidnapping?
      • Critical Time Period: Day 1Sue for Bob, Mon Sep 25 20:08
        I don't have that complete 1933 Dog Fancier article. I don't think Stein said anything more about the Lindbergh case than the passage I posted. I suppose Dog Fancier would have been a good magazine... more
        • timing is everything bob mills for sue, Wed Sep 27 10:29
          Yes, Sue. With the benefit of hindsight, a bloodhound would have helped. I think there's a two-fold explanation for why a dog wasn't used. Kidnappings were a routine occurrence in 1932, about as rare ... more
          • Re: timing is everything Sue for Bob, Fri Sep 29 01:12
            Anne might have been given false hope from Lindbergh and the police that the baby would be returned alive. Maybe family members were coached to have her believe the best. What else were they going to ... more
            • timing is everything bob mills for sue and forum, Fri Sep 29 11:49
              Anne wasn't alone in assuming the Eaglet would be unharmed. In can't be overemphasized that with three reported kidnappings a day back then (plus the unreported), it was routine to pay ransom and get ... more
              • The High School Teacher, 1932Sue for Bob, Sat Sep 30 15:19
                H.M.C. is the author of an editorial that appeared in a 1932 publication called The High School Teacher. H.M.C. also did not feel it was right that the Lindbergh story crowded out the attention that... more
              • Other Kids Were AbductedSue for Bob, Sat Sep 30 11:09
                Well, Bob, you are right. This anonymous letter that sits in the Hoboken Historical Museum shows the frustration other people felt that so much attention was being paid to the Lindbergh's child and... more
                • the only kidnapping (that night)bob mills for sue, Sun Oct 1 04:19
                  Great find, Sue. I'm amazed at how you come up with this stuff. This shows not only that kidnapping was commonplace in 1932, but that people from "flyover country" resent East Coast/West Coast ways.... more
                • Not AnonymousSue for Bob, Sat Sep 30 11:17
                  There is a signature on the letter, but no return address.
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