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Sue for Bob
The High School Teacher, 1932
Sat Sep 30, 2017 15:19

H.M.C. is the author of an editorial that appeared in a 1932 publication called The High School Teacher.

H.M.C. also did not feel it was right that the Lindbergh story crowded out the attention that should have been given to other similar kidnapping cases at the time.

Some of H.M.C.'s thoughts sound like he had just read Laura Vitray's The Great Lindbergh Hullabaloo!

The High School Teacher
Volume 8, page 120
High School Teacher Company, 1932

"The Lindbergh Baby"

I've been wondering how much publicity we would get if one of our children were to be kidnapped like the Lindbergh baby.

Little Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr. came along and crowded the China-Japan war right off the main place on all the front pages in the country as well as other news features that ordinarily demand a prominent place in publications. Not only did the kidnapping monopolize the newspapers but it also took a prominent place in radio broadcasting with reports of developments coming over the air in a steady stream.

State and national government took immediate action to help in finding the baby and to pass laws with teeth in them for cases of this kind. Probably no other event has caused the publicity that this kidnapping has.

Many people are asking why all the publicity for this case when similar cases have been passed by, comparatively, with little notice. Why should a rich baby be more precious than a poor baby?

To my way of thinking it isn't, but when one studies the American people the answer is readily seen. The American people are hero worshipers. They must have a hero to admire and idolize. Colonel Lindbergh flew the Atlantic Ocean alone, something no other man had done. This was a feat of courage and that is what people admire in a man.

Lindbergh probably didn't do as much for humanity, science, etc., as some other men who have not been praised and loved but what he did do was something that the American people wanted, something different that appealed to the imagination, something with a glamour to it, and consequently he has been raised to the highest pinnacle of popularity that has ever been shown to any man.

No baby other than a baby of Lindbergh's would have received the publicity that is now going on the world over, for Lindbergh is the hero of the American people.

  • timing is everything bob mills for sue and forum, Fri Sep 29 11:49
    Anne wasn't alone in assuming the Eaglet would be unharmed. In can't be overemphasized that with three reported kidnappings a day back then (plus the unreported), it was routine to pay ransom and get ... more
    • The High School Teacher, 1932 — Sue for Bob, Sat Sep 30 15:19
    • Other Kids Were AbductedSue for Bob, Sat Sep 30 11:09
      Well, Bob, you are right. This anonymous letter that sits in the Hoboken Historical Museum shows the frustration other people felt that so much attention was being paid to the Lindbergh's child and... more
      • the only kidnapping (that night)bob mills for sue, Sun Oct 1 04:19
        Great find, Sue. I'm amazed at how you come up with this stuff. This shows not only that kidnapping was commonplace in 1932, but that people from "flyover country" resent East Coast/West Coast ways.... more
      • Not AnonymousSue for Bob, Sat Sep 30 11:17
        There is a signature on the letter, but no return address.
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