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bob mills for sue and forum
lindy and accuracy
Mon Oct 9, 2017 13:30

As the author "The Lindbergh Syndrome: Heroes and Celebrities in a New Gilded
Age," I'd love to weigh in here...even though I'm unfamiliar with Dave Sims.

Lindy is a mass of contradictions, maybe the most complicated public figure since Theodore Roosevelt. His emphasis on accuracy served him well as a pilot, not so well in his relationship with loved ones (son Scott in particular). I've always admired him for his eagerness to subordinate personal glory to the higher echelon of scientific advancement. He remained a private person within the public sphere, and actually seemed to relish being a mysterious figure.

They asked him, "Do you have a girlfriend?" His answer: "If you can tell me what that has to do with aviation, I'll answer the question." Stubborn, unyielding, and absolutely a creature of his Midwestern upbringing.

Another Midwestern hero who had trouble adapting to the New York media was Roger Maris, who hit 61 home runs to break Babe Ruth's record. "Who's your favorite female singer, Roger?" a reporter asked. "I don't have a favorite female singer," Roger said. "May I put down Doris Day?" the reporter asked. Maris bristled. "How can you put down Doris Day when I told you I don't have a favorite?" That's Lindberghesque honesty, with a dollop of Midwestern intolerance for New York.

Now fast forward to 2016. Hillary Clinton sweeps the coastal states, where the media and show business reign supreme. Donald Trump wins the election by attacking the coastal elites and dominating "flyover country." Something tells me history hasn't changed all that much, and that Charles Lindbergh and Roger Maris would both have voted for Donald Trump.

  • Emulating Dave SimsSue , Sun Oct 8 14:35
    I noticed over the many years that certain people TRY to emulate the yesteryear poster, Dave Sims, with his exactitude of the English language and his pithiness in writing. He sometimes used slang... more
    • lindy and accuracy — bob mills for sue and forum, Mon Oct 9 13:30
      • Re: lindy and accuracySue for Bob, Mon Oct 9 14:46
        Typing is difficult now, but I will give it a try. Lindbergh might have been a mass of contradictions because that's how the media chose to portray him. He used slang from the 30s like "heck" which... more
        • lindy and the mediabob mills for sue , Tue Oct 10 10:28
          You're entirely right that Lindy didn't know how to handle the media, Sue. But I'd suggest that if he had taken off from Pittsburgh or Baltimore instead of Long Island in May 1927, his life would... more
          • Re: lindy and the mediaSue for Bob, Wed Oct 11 21:53
            Did you bring up this idea that the New York media might have been responsible for the baby's death in your book, The Lindbergh Syndrome? You may be on to something when you say the baby may have... more
            • lindy and the mediabob mills for sue, Thu Oct 12 13:09
              I do think New York is at once resented and envied, Sue. I believe people consider it as a municipal standard bearer because New York considers itself a standard media, finance, theater,... more
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