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The Lindbergh Case: God Save the King
Mon Oct 9, 2017 18:22

Under the categories of broadsides and ephemera, this 1938 circular by Hal Walton could be placed in a vertical file on the Lindbergh case alongside of the pamphlet by lawyer Mary Belle Spencer and the pamphlet by Thomas F. Rice called "The New Deal Code of Justice in the Lindbergh Kidnapping: Howe and Why?"

"The Lindbergh Case: God Save the King" is not included in Jim Fisher's book Ghosts of Hopewell. I don't know why; he attacked everybody else.

    • Hal Walton's CircularSue, Sat Dec 2 12:43
      "The Lindbergh Case: God Save the King" Hal Walton 1938 Broadsides and Ephemera Collection Duke University Libraries
    • Was Jafsie Faking?Sue, Thu Oct 12 20:23
      Ronelle, This video clip of Condon on a beach chair in the sand in Miami in 1934 should accompany your website post of "Was Jafsie Faking?" I believe this video from the University of South Carolina... more
    • Condon in Miami VideoSue, Tue Oct 10 07:06
      University of South Carolina
      • Re: Sue, Condon in Miami VideoTanialee, Tue Nov 28 21:29
        Hi Sue. I haven't seen emails from this site for months, guess due to not adding the address to my list, am going to do that after I post. Hopefully, this will ensure that I receive all updates in a... more
        • Re: Sue, Condon in Miami VideoSue for Tanialee, Sat Dec 2 12:49
          Hi Tanialee, Have you had any success viewing the video yet? Hope you are doing well. Sue
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