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bob mills for sue
lindy and the media
Thu Oct 12, 2017 13:09

I do think New York is at once resented and envied, Sue. I believe people consider it as a municipal standard bearer because New York considers itself a standard media, finance, theater, and labor relations. Fairly or not (I think fairly), New Yorkers are seen as considering the Big Apple the center of the universe. The same could be said of Washington, DC, although that phenomenon is more recent.

I didn't emphasize the media vis a vis responsibility for the kidnapping in either "The Lindbergh Syndrome:" or "Conscience of a Conspiracy Theorist." I did cite Hearst for his deal with Anna Hauptmann...the services of a drunken has-been lawyer in exchange for an exclusive on trial gossip didn't quite work for Richard, did it?

In a previous posting I mentioned Cassidy of the Daily News, who wrote Jafsie's phone number on Hauptmann's kitchen wall, which clever trick helped convict Hauptmann. I also cited the reporter who boasted that the media had "made Lindy what he was." I might have added the fact that one or more of the New York papers had published a diagram of Highfields as a celebrity piece, which served as a road map for kidnappers who might otherwise have not known where the Eaglet's
nursery was inside the house.

Some on the forum would argue that the diagram in the paper wasn't a factor, because the kidnappers had inside help, anyway. At the very least it was an invasion of privacy, and no one ever apologized to the Lindbergh family for it. As far as I can tell, no one in the media (newspapers and radio) has ever apologized to the Lindberghs for turning their personal tragedy into a soap opera.

  • Re: lindy and the mediaSue for Bob, Wed Oct 11 21:53
    Did you bring up this idea that the New York media might have been responsible for the baby's death in your book, The Lindbergh Syndrome? You may be on to something when you say the baby may have... more
    • lindy and the media — bob mills for sue, Thu Oct 12 13:09
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