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Was Jafsie Faking?
Thu Oct 12, 2017 20:23


This video clip of Condon on a beach chair in the sand in Miami in 1934 should accompany your website post of "Was Jafsie Faking?"

I believe this video from the University of South Carolina is the footage you saw in 2003.

Was Jafsie Faking? Ronelle Delmont

During a visit with Mark Falzini at the Trenton Archive on April 25, 2003 he showed me a very strange video of Jafsie being interviewd in 1936 somewhere down in Florida, I believe. (Jafsie is sitting in one of those 1930s striped canvas beach chairs.)

Jafsie is rattling on and on about "Walter Weasel," and having much fun with the reporters pretending to have accidentally mispronounced Walter Winchell's name. It seems that Walter Winchell had been voicing his disgust with Jafsie in his columns and Condon was getting even in this interview.

Jafsie's demeanor, during the minute or so when he is under the impression that the reporter has stopped rolling the film, is shocking. Jafsie's voice and facial expressions change into a completely different person.

He is, in those few minutes (or, maybe seconds) a very serious and calm individual. The oddball Jafsie has literally disappeared before your very eyes and a more sinister person, speaking in a normal tone, without histrionic flourishes, appears momentarily.

As soon as he thinks the camera has begun to roll again he returns to his outlandish idiotic personality.

Not only is the transition as smooth as a light switch but there is a chilling effect on the observer because the 2 personalities do not match.
Was Jafsie really just "crazy like a fox?"

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