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Richard Sloan
new show to be done about the kidnapping
Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:00

A new episode will be produced about the Lindbergh kidnapping case on a show ending with the title " the Museum." Usually, the episodes contain two or three artifacts either in a museum or in private hands as a means of introducing stories about "mystery" cases. This time, one entire hour will be devoted to one case. The full name of the series slips my mind; it's been on the Travel channel for a few years. I have spoken with the producer, and thus far can only tell you the following: -- It will tell the story and point out the controversies surrounding the Lindbergh kidnapping, such as what Hauptmann's role may have been, but will not attempt to give answers or theories about this or any of the questions that still haunt the case. The intent is merely to tell the story by taking the audience to the various sites involved as they appear today, with an off camera and on camera narrator visiting those sites. They are trying to arrange a visit to Highfields. The most difficult part , they realize, will be for them to get permission to film inside Condon's and Hauptmann's homes. I have been invited to participate on the program, along with Harry Kazman and Mark Falzini. Perhaps there will be others. Mark will be seen at the museum to show artifacts. Harry will be in the courtroom. I will be taking the narrator to any Bronx sites they wish to film, and (unless they think I'm too ugly!)I'll be on camera during the drives from Condon's house to the two cemeteries. It will be like giving the audience my old bus tour. Filming will begin around the middle of November. As of this writing, that's all I know. I'll be meeting the producer in person in a week or so. I'll keep you abreast of things, as long as I am not asked to keep my mouth shut about anything in particular. (I hope I haven't said too much already!)

  • thanksbob mills for ronelle, Sat Oct 28 13:55
    Appreciate your sending the article about the JFK assassination files. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of reading about the CIA and NSA, and how they've corrupted the lives of Americans for... more
    • new show to be done about the kidnapping — Richard Sloan, Sun Oct 29 10:00
      • Re: new show to be done about the kidnappingsteve for rich, Mon Oct 30 09:56
        I like that show, good lick and if you need help let me know
        • Steve's offer to helpRichard E Sloan, Tue Oct 31 09:44
          Thanx, Steve.
        • Re: new show to be done about the kidnappingsteve for rich, Mon Oct 30 09:56
          I meant luck
          • WowSam, Tue Oct 31 18:19
            This is so exciting. And who better, on the entire planet, knows the LKC ghosts of the Bronx (and elsewhere) than Sir Richard Sloan? Does Harry still do his courtroom show? Mark is also a great... more
            • to Sam re: new Kidnap showRichard, Wed Nov 1 09:47
              Thanx for the kind words, Sam. HArry K hasnt been doing his kidnap trial show for at least 5-8 years. I'm meeting the crew and the producer for filming one day next week. He seems to really be on the ... more
    • Thanks for writing your book on jfkRonelle to Bob Mills, Sun Oct 29 04:53
      I suppose you are complaining about the massive corruption - not to mention crimes against humanity - committed by the CIA and NSA and not the exposures of those crimes? There's not enough written... more
      • the holier-than-thou CIAbob mills for ronelle and forum, Mon Oct 30 11:16
        i'm complaining about all of it, Ronelle. The clandestine wars, the interference with foreign elections around the globe (we have some nerve complaining about Russian meddling!), the coups that... more
        • Devil's ChessboardRonelle to Bob Mills and Forum, Tue Oct 31 03:04
          Thanks for mentioning David Talbot's book. I went all over south Florida reviewing it a few years ago and anyone who read it afterward told me it was the greatest book they'd ever read. And, any one... more
          • the cia and its public relations folksbob mills for ronelle and forum, Tue Oct 31 16:03
            Not familiar with Perkins' book. I'll ask my girls to get it for me for Christmas. I can't decide whether the CIA gets a free pass from the American people out of some kind of misplaced patriotism,... more
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